Wapusk National Park of Canada

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Physical Aspects: At an area of 11,375 square kilometres Wapusk National Park is Canada's 37th national park. Wapusk National Park is in the Hudson Plains, there are not many visitor facilities making this park truly wild and undisturbed. This is to protect and preserve the fragile tundra environment. In my poster there are a variety of animals, trees, plants and birds that exist in the Park. Most of Wapusk National Park is made up of bog and tundra. In the summer the park's marshy wetlands and peat bog make it difficult for visitors to navigate safely. I colored in the majority of my poster white because there is an abundance of snowy weather, but this park also contains wetlands so I colored parts of my poster with green and blue.
As a result of the high latitude the climate is cold and another factor is that it is near the Arctic climate region. The majority of the year it is quite chilly and the temperature rarely surpasses twenty degrees Celsius. However when it does go above ten degrees Celsius many birds migrate to this park, like the snow geese I illustrated beside the park's monitoring centre. The park only has about four-five months above zero degrees, and since the area is tundra there is permafrost also the area has very poor drainage causing the wetlands. Overall, the climate is cold, with a very large temperature range with moderate relief precipitation. There is a wide array of different types of wildlife and vegetation in Wapusk National Park. On my

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