War And Its Effects On The Middle Of A Great Change

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War has been waged, studied, and has been evolving for thousands of years. There is a vast history of war and violence, and the topic has been studied extensively. The study of war and its academics have often looked to the past and uncovered trends, causes, and patterns throughout humankind’s existence. The next area of study gaining ground involves looking not to the past, or even the present, but to the future. Questions are arising: how will war and its nature evolve; and where will war be fought? And ultimately, how can current and future populations combat potential future trends, battles, and the consequences that come with war. The future of war and where it is waged is of great interest not only to academics, but also to worldwide political leaders and their countries’ populations. The implications and benefits from successfully researching and determining how war will evolve and develop are endless. War is currently in the middle of a great change. It is metamorphosing out of the physical world and into the online one. Cyber attack and warfare will be the next battleground. Cyber war will become more frequent an occurrence because of the lack of international legislation and cooperation, the inherent anonymity that is possible with an online attack, along with the need to develop and use asymmetrical warfare increasing (Westby 2007, 297-313).
The first topic discussed will be the definition of cyberwarfare and its overarching themes. Secondly, the overall
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