War And Peace Story : The Unjust Fate

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War and Peace Story: The Unjust Fate Jessica Lui October, 1939 “Right turn!” the commander shouted. The whole flank turned simultaneously to the right. “Salute!” he ordered once again. “Heil Hitler!” they chorused, as their hands sharply rose in a two finger salute. “At 22:20, we will meet at central tent to discuss operations Fall Gelb and Fall Rot. Understood?” “Understood sir!” the flank shouted. “You are dismissed.” The sea of obedient soldiers, including myself, dispersed and went back to the dormitories to change. It had been seven months since I had received a letter in the mail, informing me that I had been mobilized into the Wehrmacht army. Hitler had introduced compulsory enlistment into military service just a while…show more content…
What I saw was immoral, heinous, and simply not right. I hated everything about it: the death, the fear, the screams of innocent civilians, and the ambience of pure terror. I came back one month and five days later, feeling sinful and stripped of emotion. Did I ever want to do that again? No. Could I do anything about it? Absolutely not. This was just a taste of what was to come in the next few years of my life as an involuntary German soldier. I looked at the time. It was already 22:10. Not wanting to be late, I hurriedly changed into clean clothes and made my way to the central tent. "Tobias! Hey, wait up" Robert called as he ran to catch up to me. I stopped and waited for him. Robert had been drafted into the army-- like most of us had been-- only at the young age of seventeen, making him the youngest in our division. Despite our six year age difference, we got along well, and I had befriended him immediately. I couldn 't believe that such innocent youth were being taken from their families and forced to fight in the war. It just wasn 't right. "Hey Robert" I replied, smiling. "Do you have any idea what the new operations are about?" he asked "No, but-" I was cut off by the a fellow soldier silencing us. We were in the central tent, and tables with papers and diagrams were strewn on top of them. The commander was already talking, so we quickly found an empty table and sat down. "Over the past few weeks, you’ve
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