War And Western Influence On The Country Of Rambutan

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It has been years since I abdicated my thrown in favor of a Kaufman system. You see I was a powerful leader in my country but I did wrong by my people. I clung to power through force and suppression which led to my ultimate downfall. Much like Iraq my country of Rambutan was a result of war and western influence. People of conflicting beliefs were thrown together under one state and given a constitution to abide by. Western powers believed that a democracy and constructed constitution would solve the deep seated rivalry between the Durians and the Ackee’s and a nation would transcend a religious identity. This was not the case in fact it made it worse. Durians held the majority of the state and our hatred toward the Ackee went back to the creation of our religion of Langsat. The people of the country were not aware of what a democracy was or how it worked. It became a question of who controls the state and I was the answer. As a general in the Durian military it was easy for me to seize control. Overrun with power and military loyalty the Ackee became marginalized. Along with the rest of the population. Animosity between the two groups grew by the day ethnic and religious war was a constant. Security was nonexistent I made no attempt to open up economically because much like Tunisia, Rambutan was a rentier state. This allowed political elites to dominate the country’s wealth, leading to extraordinary inequality. The productivity necessary to develop the economy was

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