War As Institution Is Guided By Many Rules That Specify

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War as institution is guided by many rules that specify criteria, code of conduct, regulations, conditions, clauses, etc. These rules, outlined in just war theory, are categorized into the breakdown of the different stages of war, jus ad bellum, jus in bello, and jus post bellum. The latter is concerned with the closing stages of war, so that a war is terminated fairly, and the proceedings are executed fairly. In bello rules guide conduct during war, after the initiation of war, and jus ad bellum concerns the rightful initiation and justifications of war. These laws, though quite extensive, rest on interpretations of what war is, and the interpretations of what constitutes war. There are many areas open for interpretation here, from what…show more content…
This statement in and of itself contains many key terms, terms that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Frowe defines ‘sovereignty’ as “the political and territorial integration of a state,” which implies, as she goes on to say, that a state needs to have authority over its political system and its borders (53). She makes sure to highlight these two different types of sovereignty, territorial and political. It is noted that thought political ambition may drive aggression, it may have little to do with the declaration of an act of aggression, for self-defense is warranted if a lot of land, for example, is threatened to be at loss due to another’s ambition.
Political or territorial, she explains, war threatens more than just the land. It is a threat to the ‘common life.’ Calling on political theory, a Rousseauian view, she includes the social contract in her analysis. On a basic level, this theory says that citizens and state have a contact where the people renounce some of their rights to the state so the state can protect them. Thus, on a grand scale, “it is not, then, the ownership of the land per se that gives people the right to defend themselves against invasion,” Frowe goes on to explain that it is in fact the self-determined way of life that is developed on the lands, “It is this that sovereignty protects, and it is this that provides states with a just cause for war.” (54)
Sovereignty then, means much more than physical land, it is the well-being of the
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