War Between Europeans And Indians

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Suspicion and hostility, branching from technological and cultural differences, as well as, mutual feelings of being superior, have infused relations between Native Americans and non-Natives in North America. Intertribal conflicts among the Indians, and nationalistic rivalries, lacking faith, and expansion desires on the part of non-natives worsened these tensions. The resulting white and native conflicts often took a particularly bad turn and resulted in the near destruction of the native people(Native American). War between Europeans and Indians was common back in the 1600s. In 1622, the Powhatans nearly wiped out the already struggling Jamestown colony. Frustrated at the continuing conflicts, Nathaniel Bacon and a group of whites destroyed the Pamunkey Indians before leading an unsuccessful revolt against colonial authorities in 1676. Continuous wars also plagued early Dutch colonies in New York. In New England, Puritan forces wiped out the Pequots in 1636, a campaign’s intensity that seemed to shape the future. Following attacks inspired by King Philip against English settlements sparked a concerted response from the New England Confederation. Employing Indian partnerships and a scorched-earth policy, the colonists nearly wiped out the Narragansetts, Wampanoag, and Nipmuck tribes in 1675 and1676. A major Pueblo revolt also threatened New Mexico in 1680 (European). Indians were also a key factor in the rivalries among France, Spain, and England. In King William’s, Queen
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