War, By Sebastian Junger

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The novel War, written by Sebastian Junger, is the journalist’s perspective of events that unfold during his time in Korengal, Afghanistan with the American Army. Throughout the book, he retells his experiences of being shot at, the emotional trauma of losing a soldier in combat, the undeniably strong bond between soldiers, and the consequences combat has on family members. While this novel has some very detailed and brutally honest components regarding the war in Afghanistan, I found the insight provided by Junger on combat to be very interesting. Once I started reading this novel, it was nearly impossible to put it down as I was finding myself entranced within this world of war. It was because of this insight into the world of combat, although brief, that permitted me to better understand what soldiers actually experience in warzones. My previous knowledge on the context of this novel, as well as personal experiences, transformed my mindset from thinking critically about the novel to becoming emotionally connected to the success of the soldiers. I found that the more I read this novel, the more my life experiences influenced my attitude towards the individuals and experiences as described by Junger. One of the biggest influences, after reflection of the novel, is my nationality. There are many stereotypes about Americans. One of the most known is being overly patriotic. I find that this particular stereotype is generally true, and patriotism is an immensely strong
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