War Causes Pain And Distress

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War causes pain and distress. Citizens have to worry about their lives and have to follow the laws. The controlling Country usually will get what they demand for, without much of a problem. If there is a revolt then the controlling power massacres the citizens. Gene Sharp’s understanding of the techniques of nonviolent actions is the most effective solution. He touches bases on three non-violence methods of actions that can be approached in his reading done in 1968. Gene Sharp was a theorist of non-violent actions. None violent actions lead to change in many situations whether people are being discriminated against or just want change. Gene Sharp teaches three class methods of non-violent actions; nonviolent protest, non-violent cooperation, and non-violent intervention. These classes of nonviolent actions leaves the controlling power helpless. Gene Sharp talks about how a ruler is defendant on his people for the sources of his power. Without his people’s assistance and cooperation his power is gone. At first, this will lead the ruler using violence as a means to get what he wants. With non-violent actions the ruler’s violence will do nothing to change now the citizens will react. The citizens will not give into violence. Instead they will fight with their actions, not with force. Since the nonviolence is peaceful, the ruler’s response will be viewed as negative power.
The three actions that Gene Sharp references in the reading, of which these citizens would use are,
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