War Crimes Against Native Americans Essay

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War crimes against Native Americans. Retrieved from Diller, J. V. (2015). Cultural diversity: a primer for the human services. Australia: Cengage Learning. Conversations with Native Americans about mental health needs and community strengths. (March 2009). Retrieved from Native American communities and mental health. Retrieved from When looking at the issues modern day Native Americans face regarding mental health counseling it is important to look at history and how the past has shaped…show more content…
In the 1800’s there were 60 such boarding schools which were teaching Indian children values such as possessive individualism. This was the opposite teaching of what is instilled in Indian children by their elders, Indian believe in communal ownership and that the land is for everyone. In 1879 the establishment of Carlisle Indian School was created. Col. Richard Henry Pratt established the school due to his belief that by immersing the Indian children into white society they would start identifying as white and not return to the reservation and their Indian ways. Pratt’s motto was “kill the Indian, save the man” ( In 1978, 118 years after the first boarding school was established the Indian Child Welfare Act was passed. This new law gave the parents of Native American children the right to refuse to allow their children to be taken and placed in off-reservation schools. But for many Native American children the damage had been done. Many young adults and children returned to their families not knowing the language and culture of their people. Many felt like they no longer fit into any area of society. The damage had been done and the effects are felt to this day. The historical trauma permeates Native American culture. Due to the atrocities forced on an entire ethnic group of people there are long term ramifications. Loss of cultural beliefs, language barriers, social stigma, and health concerns. Native American communities
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