War Essay

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Weird silence filled the air. It was a cold and relatively peaceful night on January 2005. Almost all citizens hid in their rooms to protect themselves from the war. The sky was completely dark with no light on streets. All of a sudden, the dark silent night was put to an end as six-year-old Samar Hassan was screaming and crying. A car was approaching in the dark when several American soldiers were patrolling a main road of northern Iraq’s Tal Afar which was a town rife with insurgents. Concerning that the vehicle might carry insurgents and suicide bombs, the soldiers began to flash lights and waved arms to indicate the car to stop. However, the Hassans didn’t see the sign but kept driving forwards. After receiving a command from an…show more content…
Thousands of Iraqis suffer from the pain and trauma caused by the war, but the story of Samar again stands out. Rakan, Samar’s brother, was hit by a bullet in his spin which was the most vulnerable part of our body. He was seriously wounded in the tragedy, and he was sent to Boston for treatment after Hondros’s photos were published. Although Rakan was fortunate enough to survive from the tragedy, he was again haunted by death. Rakan died three years after their parents’s death when an insurgent attack badly bombing the house where they live in.
* * * I remember the first time when my older sister left our family to study aboard for such a long time. It was a normal night—dinner was served at 6:30, everyone took their own seat—except there was a weird silence during dinner. No one would like to talk but have dinner quietly. I knew that my older sister cried when she said goodbye to us at the airport. It was her and also mine fist time being apart from each other in 17 years. On our way back home, my older sister texted us to read the letter that she hid in the car. I didn’t read the letter until I locked my room’s door. In the letter, my sister reminded me that I was the one who should take care of both my parent and little brother now. Also, she told me that she trusted me I could do it and she would always be there if I need any help. I cried. I cried so hard. But I could not make any noise so
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