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September 20, 2012
War from the Beginning War films have been around for quite some time. They have many different aspects to them. Each film has a little bit different view, depending on what the director wants the audience to get out of the movie. Some target the importance of how horrific and heart breaking war was, while others were used to inspire their country to support their troops. There are films though that go straight to the point of war and show all of the intense combat, the pain and suffering the soldiers did for their country, and the brutality of what countries did to prisoners in concentration camps. War films never get dull, they will keep the audience interested and
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People could see what was happening at the war, and realize what their soldiers were going through. These films were used mostly as a recruitment use, and as way to make the people angry towards the enemy, suggesting that heroic American involvement would bring home victory. We could see ourselves that the war demands not only on the nerves of the soldiers but also to those who had to stay at home (Kaes 22). Not only did films like these inspire people to join the military, but made the people who stayed at home become aware of the how nerve racking and crucial the war was. War films died off for a period of time after the war, since there was no need to rally the people during a time of peace. Eventually the films picked back in the mid twenties. The first film to really bring start the production of war films again was The Big Parade, it was the first to realistically portray the horrors of battle and the struggle for survival by three soldier-comrades. This film made more money than any other MGM production during this time. These films were more gruesome than viewers were used to seeing. Hantke states that the war was a place of death; imminent, inevitable, violent, inexorably physical, and omnipresent: bloody death, grim death, death without metaphysical or transcendent comforts (702). Films like these really showed how awful and painful war was to those who never went oversea to fight. These films

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