War Horse Evaluation Essay

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War Horse Evaluation
On the 11th of March 2013 I went to see War Horse at the New London Theatre. War Horse is a novel adapted by Nick Stafford and written by Michael Morpurgo. The performance I saw was directed by Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris, it also involved the incredible Handspring Puppet Company who created all the animals. War Horse is set in Devon in 1914 and is about how a farmer, Ted Narracott who is played by Jamie Kenna buys a thoroughbred horse rather than a plough animal, but when his teenage son Albert played by Siôn Daniel Young trains the horse and calls him Joey, the two becoming inseparable. When his harvest fails, Ted has to sell Joey to the British cavalry and he is shipped to France where, after a disastrous
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For example when the actors were fence posts they held long canes to represent a fence. The horses responded to being penned in by backing away from the fences, again effectively allowing smooth transitions.
Another important aspect of the performance was the use of costumes. The costumes were authentic of the early twentieth century and they were effective as they helped set the scene. In Devon people mostly wore farming clothes and the soldiers in the war wore army uniforms. An interesting contrast that I saw was that The Handspring Puppet actors for Joey always wore the farmer’s clothes even when he was serving in the army. Whereas the army horse, Topthorn operated by Richard Booth, Sergio Priftis and Antony Antunes always wore army clothes. This suggested to me that despite Joey being forced to be a ‘War Horse’ he belonged in Devon.
There were many moments in the play that effectively conveyed the themes. One particular scene in Act Two stood out for me, this when Albert and one of his fellow soldiers, David were hiding in the trench. The themes that were conveyed here were loyalty and love. They were both talking about their loved ones which for Albert was Joey and the other soldier, David talked about his girlfriend, Floss. That scene was interesting as it used comedy in contrast to the horror of the war. It started with a joke of how Floss looked like a horse but then the tension increased again when suddenly David soldier said to Albert “ I put my foot in
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