War I And World War II

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A state of isolationism was a goal too great for America to handle. America and its leaders had sought to stay out of both World War I and World War II only to be pulled in by intense happenings that inflicted chaos on the nations people. World War II would be a time in American history that would bring many fresh war tactics and developments, that helped to pull a depraved nation from the depths of a depression as well as pledge the freedom and prosperity of its opposing nations. Dangerous discoveries will be made in the world would be left to be governed by two world powers. Hoping to remain a neutral nation and be in a state of isolationism was a dream that would be ended very soon for America. With Japan, and it 's a leader Admiral Yamamoto acting as an aggressor nation the US wanted to indirectly impact Japan, and so on oil embargo was passed, stopping all oil and steel trading with Japan. This left the island nation of Japan having to seek new resources in South East Asia, and made the Japanese realize that they could not inflict any relation on America unless it 's naval fleet was gone. As a result of this realization, Admiral Yamamoto made a plan to attack Americas naval fleet in Pearl Harbor. On December 7, 1941 Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor and destroyed naval vessels and pulling America into the war and as stated by the Japanese “awaken a sleeping giant.” The US was completely unprepared for the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor. An effort to have many

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