War I And World War II

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During any war, there will alwaAys be alliances made which stick even after the war has been dissolved. Postwar foreign policy after wars such as World War I and World War II was complicated and both had their similarities and differences from each other. World War I (WWI) strengthened our international relations with many countries, It also deteriorated some relations as well and set the stage for America becoming a great power. World War II (WWII) had some of the same effects, solidating our bond with the Allies and breaking others, but also it had many differences. Our post-war foreign policy after WWI consisted of alliances, power, money, and enemies. After the war, our relations with England and France mainly were strengthened.…show more content…
Our policy with Germany greatly shifted because after the war germany was seen as unable to govern their country, therefore the USSR took control of East Germany and France, England, and America took control of West Germany. The Economy was greatly affected as well. America’s economy increased dramatically, due to the amount of factory jobs and amounts of production for the war. But Japan’s economy plummeted due to the loss of their land in china and many of the islands in the Pacific Ocean and the effects of getting two cities destroyed due to the new found nuclear bombs. All these reactions influenced our foreign policy and caused us to be where we are now. Both wars caused great shifts in this world and molded it to be where it is now. WWI and WWII both had many of the same post-war effects and caused great changes. They shared the display of America’s power, brought us and England and France closer together, Boosted and Destroyed economies and much more. They both had differences too such as, WWI destroying Germany’s economy instead of splitting it up into two different countries. And WWII having the effect of new nuclear power, and the effects on the Pacific as well as Europe. Many differences and similarities were shown in these two major wars and brought us here. Both WWI and WWII were similar and different in their postwar foreign policy effects.

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