War I And World War II

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Many historians debate rather World War I and World War II were two different parts to the same war or if they are separate and distinct wars. Even though World War I and World War II were very different wars, and there were many years in between the two, the outcomes of World War I caused for World War II to happen because of unresolved issues. World War II is a continuation of World War I. World War I lasted four years and was the first total war in history. Before World War I Europe was doing well they had social stability and had a growing democracy. Britain, France, and Germany had an economic rivalry. The countries were pretty much just waiting for an excuse to declare war on each other. The spark that began World War I was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria Hungary. Alliances Au were made. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Austria- Hungary was Germany’s most loyal Ally. Serbia joined forces with Russia, and Germany then declared war on Russia. The war happened and at the end the allies won the war. After they won the allies were basically out to get Germany and they wanted to make Germany a less powerful country. Germany was defeated, but it was not destroyed. To close World War I a peace treaty was signed. This treaty was called the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles stated that Germany would have to lose its territories such as Asia, Africa, and Pacific colonies making Germany’s army smaller. Along with Germany losing territory

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