War I And World War Two

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Throughout history there have been an abundance of bloodshed, of hatred, of battles that have taken the lives of countless people in the past. War is in our blood, it is part of being human; war is what defines our generations and proves our superiority over fellow humans. War is inevitable with all the different opinions and regions on our globe, it is a necessary evil in modern wars. World War One and World War Two had many differences and similarities comparable to the causes of war, warfare, and the imperialism that took place. In the past, wars were insinuated because of rulers desire to expand their empires and to gain resources. But in modern wars fought in the West such as the two World Wars, began for completely different reasons. In 1914 Austria still had a ruling monarchy, and Emperor Franz Joseph I only had one heir to the throne, who was his nephew, Franz Ferdinand. Like any monarch, he wanted to preserve his family name and pass down the crown, but all that was taken away from Emperor Franz on june 28th 1914 when Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist while he was in Bosnia, Serbia. This act against Austria sent shockwaves throughout the country and all of Europe, prompting Austria to give Serbia an ultimatum, which Serbia did not follow. Austria declared war on Serbia on July 28th 1914, and Serbia’s greatest Ally Germany declared war on Austria shortly thereafter, beginning one the bloodiest wars Europe has ever seen. On the other hand, World
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