War I : War Never Changes

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War, War Never Changes (A discussion on reinstating the draft) “War is delightful to those that have no experience of it.” A quote by Desiderius Erasmus, a Dutch humanist and social critic, shows tells that war isn’t always as epic and awesome that most Americans make it out to be. Reinstating the draft might sound like a great way to impose our power on the world furthering the American agenda, as well as enforcing the American ideal of extreme pride in nationalism. The problem is however, that most Americans that want the draft reinstated have no clue about the mountain of problems that it would create. America would be in very dire straits if the draft were necessary. The last time America used the draft was during the Vietnam War and that draft did indeed fit those three requirements. The draft should only be used under three crucial prerequisites. If it does not meet these requirements then the draft should not be reinstated. Those three pretenses are: America is in an extreme conflict, every U.S citizen able would be entered in the draft and it would need to be a lottery type system. The most important rule, without question, is America would need to be in a major conflict. This conflict would have to be on the global scale. It would involve numerous countries, millions of soldiers, possible nuclear war and endless violent death. With a conflict on this scale there would be no doubt that America would need more soldiers than they currently have. The U.S military may
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