War I Was A Military War Veteran

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As a military war veteran, Iraq struck a nerve with me for the simple fact that I had to go there to fight a war that was really unnecessary and drawn out. When first hearing about us going to Iraq I was a little nervous, but also excited for the wrong reasons. I was excited for the fact that I could say that I deployed. I could simply show off my deployment patch and put something on my class A uniform. as well but the thought of possibly going there and losing my life was kind of disturbing. I remember getting off the plane in the middle of Zafaniyah, which was in the Baghdad, Karadah area. The compound was made up of unused connexes and made-shift bathrooms. We did however have a dining facility that was pretty efficient. There were two guard towers that were to the North and South and also there were guard shacks that was on top of the building of the post. The first time that I heard mortars and bombs going on my bottom was puckered. In my head I thought that the streets that I had once grew up in was dangerous. I would come to surely realize that-that could not be further from the truth. I came in at 25 years old, as a hard head but still disciplined. I caused trouble before leaving to come to Iraq because I thought it might be my last hooorah, boy was I wrong. I finally came to realize that there was more to the world than Hampton, Virginia. That there was much more important issues than what was going on in the streets. Life became more meaningful, and I felt as if

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