War I Was No Standard Blueprint For A War Poet

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A war poet is a poet in time of and on the subject of war. A substantial number of important poets were soldiers, writing about their experiences of war. A number of them died on the battlefield, others like Siegfried Sassoon and Randall Jarrell survived but were scarred by their experiences, and some were just witnesses to the war like Thomas Hardy, and all of this was reflected in their poetry. “Many poems were British and were published in newspapers and then collected into anthologies. Several of these early anthologies were published during the war and were very popular, though the tone of the poetry changed as the war progressed.” (Santanu) “There was no standard blueprint for a war poet; the War Poets were from a variety of backgrounds. The whole variety of backgrounds gives a clear idea that the impact of war in the trenches hit everyone who served there. Forbidden from writing home with any degree of accuracy or truth about the life they led, some put their thoughts into a diary that could be kept in secret. Others put their thoughts into poems. Most of these writers came from middle-class backgrounds; many had been to public schools and served as officers at the front.” (Truman) Poets that actually went to the trenches and saw action, the reality appalled them, they were all either wounded or shell-shocked, or both. They wrote powerfully and poignantly about the effects of war on the bodies and minds of men, the horror and the waste. “These poems have largely
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