War Is A Very Traffic And Devastating Event That Not Only

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War is a very traffic and devastating event that not only affects those directly involved with the fight but also the rest of the population sitting and waiting back in their homes. The idea of war such as the Cold War being associated with Dr.Suess 's, The Butter Battle Book, should not be the focus of a children 's book.

People like Joseph Stalin and events such as the creation of missiles and bombs and the cuban missile crisis played a significant role in the Cold War. Joseph Stalin was a powerful and aggressive soviet leader. "Stalin focused on creating a model communist state. I 'm doing so, he made both agricultural and industrial growth the prime economic goals of the soviet union...By 1937, the Soviet Union had become the worlds
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The whole reason why the soviets had begun installing missiles in Cuba was because they wanted the Americans to feel the threat they did with the American missiles that were installed in Turkey prior. Questions began to arise among both nations whether they should attack one another or to negotiate a truce.("The Cuban Missile Crisis") "The Cuban missile crisis showed that neither the United States nor the Soviet Union were ready to use nuclear weapons for fear of the others retaliation"("The Cold War") As a result, "a second letter from Kremlin...stated that in order for Russia to remove the weapons from Cuba, the United States had to remove its missiles in Turkey. Though not everyone in the Kennedy administration agreed to this proposal, it was ultimately the compromise that saved the world from nuclear war." ("Cuban Missile Crisis") Finally both sides met "at the existing battle line...[and] the two sides signed an armistice ending the war. At best, the agreement was a stalemate." (McDougal, 615) In association to the Cold War, similar significant events took place in the Butter
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