War Is An Evil To Mankind That Can Bring Devastation Downfall

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War is an evil to mankind that can bring devastation downfall for human existence. Those who withstand such catastrophic experience deserve all respects from all of us for all the bloodshed they have sacrificed. They are the real life heroes of men and women. My grandfather; Than Pham, and my uncle; Tuan Pham are veterans who survive through the Vietnam civil wars in 1960-1975. I feel really honor to have them as part of my family and be able to hear war stories from both of them. They take in account of story about obstacles which they face every day in combat. Both of my family members are very intelligent and lucky to be able to live through those hard times of violent, destruction, and havoc. In 19th century Vietnam was part of…show more content…
France began in attempt to recolonize Vietnam with military power. Then Ho Chi Minh begin his movement with the Vietnamese people call the Viet Minh, Viet Minh are rebellion movement against foreign rule. The Vietnam War was fought as a civil war between North Vietnamese and South Vietnamese. This lead to another war for Vietnam calls the First Indochina War after World War II. In 1954, the Viet Minh finally defeated the French forces in Dien Bien Phu with the help from China and Soviet Union. This mark the final chapter for French occupies, and begin new chapter for Communist party in Vietnam. Vietnam then was divided into communist North Vietnam and anti-communist South Vietnam
America president Harry Truman worries about the “Domino Effect,” if Vietnam become communist, the rest of Asia would then follow too. In 1964, North Vietnamese personals began to shoot at U.S. forces patrolling the Gulf of Tonkin. President Lyndon B. Johnson then sign with congress to pass “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.” It allows the US to deploy any military forces in Vietnam. By the end of 1965 there were more than 150 thousands US soldiers in Vietnam and over 500 thousand by the end of 1968. People thought this was an easy battle because US had better warfare like navy and air force. However, most battles are fought in jungle and US Army were not equipped to fight in the type of “guerrilla” war. US forces became ambushed and trapped by smaller

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