War Is An Invention Of Man Caused By The Aggression Instinct

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Margaret Mead has concluded that a redundant amount of people have accepted inventions as attributes of humanity itself. In this case Mead stands against crowds who believe war is a biological necessity or a sociological inevitability, and argues that war is an invention of man caused by the aggression instinct. War becomes such a habit of man that different types of war spawn, because society resorts to war regularly. Mead believes war is inevitable, unless war is destroyed by a better invention built through humanity itself. To accept Margaret Meads argument that war is in fact an invention, we must understand one of the opposing arguments that war is a biological necessity. Mead states that “Those who argue the first view (biological…show more content…
She even mentions that if the Lepchas were raided they would not even go to war, due to the fact that they don 't even understand defensive warfare. The main point accomplished through these two cultures is that both do not understand the invention of war. Proving that war is not an instinct present in the human nature of man. Those who accept that war as a sociological inevitability, believe that warfare is a creature that was caused by the development of state. They accept that the struggle for land and resources will never end, and believe that the history of war will repeat itself. Although the same people who assume that war is a sociological inevitability believe that war is not in the nature of man, they say that war is eternally unavoidable unless we transform our social system, outlaw classes, and possessions. If and only if these transformations were complete, then the plague of warfare would be cured in the eyes of sociological inevitability.Margret Mead defines warfares as “a recognized conflict between two groups as groups, in which each group puts together an army into the field to fight and kill, if possible, some of the members of the army of the other group.” Mead uses the Pygmy people from the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal as an example. The Pygmies would line up 15 soldiers in the field and would fight, however even then Mead declares that is warfare. The Pygmies were a simple people that were hunter and gatherers, but even

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