War Is Still A Human Enterprise

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There are certain things that at their core have not changed throughout time. Adult’s antagonism towards teens, taxes, Swedes and socialism, Canadians dominance in hockey, and in Victor Davis Hanson’s opinion, war. Through a collection of his essays, Hanson gives readers compelling arguments that war is intrinsic to the human condition and believes that it is worth examining to learn from. He analyzes several wars such as the Peloponnesian War to the American Civil War to the current struggle in Iraq, and sees continuities within them all to convince us of his argument that war is an essential aspect of humanity. Hanson makes valid points and assertions to the reader that war is the ‘father of us all’, with some foibles

Hanson’s overarching fundamental point from his essays is that war is something that’s happened since the ancient times and has continued on into present times without much change. Even though technology and strategies have changed, war is still a human enterprise. Hanson highlights this point by telling the metaphor that his father told him about the changing technology of irrigation; back in his day he had to pump so many times to get a little amount of water, nowadays you can press a button and get tons of gallons of water in seconds, however it’s still water that flows out. So even though the mechanics have changed, at its core war is still something undertaken by humans. He contends that people’s attitude towards war is what has evolved; with the…
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