War Is What Happens When Language Fails (Margaret Atwood)

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The Power of Communication “War is what happens when language fails”(Margaret Atwood). When one does not make an attempt to talk out a conflict, it can cause more conflict. I like this quote because it gives a powerful statement that i agree with. This quote fits my beliefs because I agree that people often use violence before trying to verbally resolve conflict. One should use their words to resolve a conflict before they turn to violence. Bertrand Russell was a philosopher who lived during difficult times and became passionate about peace and social conflict. Russell faced social conflict when he was campaigning for peace during World War 1. struggling with violence he “ was a critic of World War 1 (1914-1918). He was imprisoned in…show more content…
As I get older I plan to follow this quote whenever a conflict arises, I believe it is a good way to resolve conflict. For example, recently there was a miscommunication with my mother and I and I found myself getting aggravated, after there was more explanation the problem was easily resolved. As young adults get older, they need to know how to deal with conflict. If one does not know how to deal with conflict then life will be more difficult. One can not use violence to solve conflict, violence can only cause more conflict but when one talks out the issue then there is more understanding and conflict is easily resolved. As another example if one was to have a miscommunication with a coworker or boss, violence would most likely only get one fired, but more communication could help the other person understand and fix the problem. “War is what happens when language fails” (Atwood)” When people don't try to talk out their problem to resolve it, violence often happens. As I continue to grow as an individual this quote becomes more important, whenever I am faced with a conflict I find it easier to resolve by remembering this quote. I believe that I will only be faced with more challenges and conflict as I grow older and I believe that this quote will help me a great deal. One should use their words to resolve a conflict before they turn to
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