War Message On Congress, By Woodrow Wilson

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In the document, “War Message to Congress”, by Woodrow Wilson, discusses his message, the way he feels towards the war. He couldn’t believe that the government could accomplish so much, such as providing hospital ships. He believes “The present German submarine warfare against commerce is a warfare against mankind” (1, Wilson). It is a war against every nation, according to him. He believes the government should not take this action of the German as anything less than a war. This war will require the Navy as well as armed forces. The purpose of this action is to indicate the principles of peace and justice in the life of the world against selfish and autocratic power…” (3, Wilson). The point of the war is to achieve a better world. This document is a primary source, since it is raw material and is not written after the event took place. The document is written by Woodrow Wilson. The purpose of the article is to express the war and why it happened. Peace and justice is the goal and should not be forgotten. In the article, “Fourteen Points Speech”, Woodrow Wilson, delivers this speech in Joint Session of Congress, on January 8, 1918. He discusses why we entered the war, the war itself, and ending the war. If the men fighting might lose their lives in it, he wanted to explain the purpose of what they were fighting for. He summarized those reasons in fourteen points. Wilson acknowledges, “An evident principle runs through the whole program I have outlines. It is the…
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