War Of 1812: Era Of Good Feelings

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• Divisions started to fade when the War of 1812 was over. The country began to feel united
• James monroe- presidential candidate, republican
• The federalists party was loisng trust from the country because of the war of 1812
• This time was called "era of Good Feelings"
• Monroe was an old fashioned person, he dressed how people did in colonial times
• Nationalism- strong loyalty to the country

• Henry Clay was a speaker of the house and his party was republican
• Clay wanted to increase federal powers and federal economy
• Clay wanted a notheer national bank

• The first bank had a charter and it expired
• The bank was built under the republicans and signed in by President Madison
• The federal banks started to act reckless

• A lot of British goods came as a result
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Peck- Courts can have judicial review on the federal governments • McCulloch v. Maryland- the national bank could not be taxed by Maryland • Chief Justice Marshall felt that the Constitution implies that America can have a national bank • Gibbons v. Ogden- Congress had the only power of making laws for interstate Commerce ( state trading) Steamship operating between New York and New Jersey.

• Missouri wanted to be admitted into the union as a slave state
• A U.S. Representative wanted Missouri only to be admitted if slavery was abolished there, but the Senate vetoed that
• In the House of Represntatives, there were more free states, than slave states. It was equal in the Senate;11:11.

• Henry clay was afraid the U.S. would split so he proposed this: If Missouri enters as a slave state, Maine would have to enter as a free state
• Another part of the compromise was how slavery would be handled in the Louisiana
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