War Of Maghrebi A Realistic Solution

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War in Maghrebia: A Realistic Solution The United States is the main hegemonic power of the present. The previous statement is a simple enough, and well known concept. However the fact that it is the current top-dog does not mean that the US stands alone; the United States is a member of many International Organizations and alliances. Outside of its formal relationships still remain countries the United States is simply on fair terms with. An example of one of these countries is the country of Maghrebia. However Maghrebia is presently caught in fierce internal conflict. A junta has taken over and Maghrebia’s democratic institutions have collapsed. The United States has many options, but it would be best to narrow the options down to a singular neo-realist concept and then proceed to discuss why this concept is in fact neo-realist and finally why this option is the best for the dealing with Maghrebia. The United States and Maghrebia have spent the majority of the past on good terms and thus would not normally have a reason for conflict. However Maghrebia’s domestic institutions have crumbled and they have presented a threat of nuclear weapons development. Because of this, the best course of action for the United States to take is to invade Maghrebia and restore it to its former democratic state. In the words of Kenneth Waltz “the state amongst states, conducts its affairs in the shadow of violence. Because some states may use force at any time, all must be prepared to do”

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