War Of The Worlds Is A Grim View Into The Invasion Of Earth

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War of the Worlds is a grim view into H.G. Wells idea of a Martian invasion of Earth. Wells begins the story as a cylinder crash lands in the United Kingdom that houses Martians. As we follow the narrator 's journey to safety we learn about the Martians physiology, machines, and social habits as well as the humans they are terrorizing, revealing some interesting ideas that Wells had. H.G. Wells was a British writer who was well known for his writing in science fiction. Before his writing career started, he was a biologist which explains his fascination with the anatomy of the Martians. He claimed to be an outspoken socialist and pacifist. War of the Worlds was written in 1898 and during this time the Britain was in the Victorian Era. There…show more content…
The narrator thinks that this new invader will be put down quickly by the British Army and that there should be no worries but as he watches the Martians destroy his town he realises how wrong he is. As he is fleeing the town with his wife he notes “apparently the Martians were setting fire to everything within range of their Heat Ray”(42). This is a turning point for the narrator as he realises that he and the troops are no match for the alien machinery and is forced to flee. The Brits nationalist idea is squashed with the arrival of the Martians. The idea of a nationalist society is a strange one because every nation thinks they are the greatest. Until it is proven that we are no match for the Martians, the people just assume that they are the best. When the Martians showed their true strength, the people were humbled in their anguish as they realised that the British Army cannot take on any threat, like the Martians. This feeling of despair that people feel in the novel brings a sort of community, but can also tear us apart. On his journey to safety, the narrator makes two unlikely allies and soon parts with them. One a military man and the other a priest. The military man and the narrator travel together until the man is called to duty. The narrator narrowly escapes a Martian Tripod in a river and leaves in a raft. He then meets the very religious Curate who accompanies him on his journey
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