War On Drugs And America

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War On Drugs Fifteen billion dollars. The possibilities of things to do with fifteen billion dollars are endless. Some may use this towards college. Others towards health care facilities. Some may even use this hefty amount to renovate homes and still be left with a fortune to spare. All in all, the average American would use this currency toward benefit life in some way or another. The U.S Federal government wished the same when they used these fifteen billion dollars towards the “War on Drugs” in 2010 alone and continue to use more but the question still remains; does this amount, which goes towards campaigns against narcotics at the rate of $500 per second, actually benefit lives? Over the last four decades, money, time, and effort has been poured out towards this cause yet numerous complications still stand in account of drug related cases. Americans discovered the wonder drug, opium, in mid-18th to late 19th century. Birth was given to a new kind of danger and addiction that escalated at a fast rate. The southeast population that moved to the United States during the California Gold Rush not only came for the opportunity and hope of striking gold but along with this hope introduced opium as a long living problem. The drug was primarily named, “God’s Own Medicine” as it treated the president of the time, William Henry Harrison, perfected menstrual problems for women, and was used in the American Civil War as a means of relieving the pain of soldiers. The smoking of

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