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War is a time of violence, protest, death and pain for many people around the world. With this conflict, a lot of poetry is written because poetry is one of the most common ways for people to put across their feelings about situations. War is one of these situations for which many people have very strong feelings. A common theme in war poetry is the transformation that war brings about in a person. Many poems reveal boys going into war and becoming young men after the experience. Another dominant theme in war poems is about the forgotten soldiers who lost their lives and weren’t remembered. Many poems have been written about war and the feelings evoked by war. Even though a lot of war poetry was written before World War 1, the…show more content…
However Gibson uses his words well and there are some smart lines throughout the poem. The rhyming is very simple and the final word in each line rhymes with the other final word in each two-lined stanza. The simple nature of the rhythm in the poem gives it a gentle flow which is very appropriate for the subject matter. The poet’s ability to use basic words, structure and rhythm appropriately enables him to create a smart and crisp poem. The simplicity of the poem allows the readers to recognize the serious subject-matter of the poem, which is war. This next poem was written by me. I got the inspiration for this poem after reading a number of other war poems and remembering all the people who lost their lives at war. It is called “Young lives lost” The eerie night was torn By the blistering light of dawn Many soldiers, many very young, Their first time holding a gun. Some no more than 16 years Bravely holding back the burning tears Youth’s ignorance had been lost The line of no return was crossed War had turned these boys to men Many would never see home again And unless the senseless killing is ceased The departed souls will never rest in peace. My poem is written in a similar style to Gibsons’ poem. I followed the same rhyming patterns, and used a simple structure, however my poem uses some slightly more complicated words. The general theme is the same, but

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