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Poetry Assignment War Poetry A popular theme for poets in the last century was war. Many famous poems were written about the two world wars, as well as the Korean and Vietnam wars. For my report I have chosen six poems, three by Wilfred Owen and three by Australian poets. ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth ', ‘The Send Off ' and ‘Insensibility (1) ' were written by Owen during the first world war to express his anti-war attitude. ‘Beach Burial ' by Kenneth Slessor, ‘Homecoming ' by Bruce Dawe and ‘Letter XV ' by Bruce Beaver are famous Australian poems about war. The poems have many similarities, especially in content, but also have their differences. The subject matter of the poems is obviously generally the same. Most are about…show more content…
The two main components of a poem are the content, meaning the subject and emotion, and the technique which is things like structure, rhythm and imagery. The six war poems I chose have a very similar content because the topic is common to all of them. Large differences come in the technique, because this defines the way a poem is written, not what it is about. Owen ' s poems, ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth ' ‘The Send Off ' and Insensibility (1) ' were all structured poems with at least partial rhyme, and had similarities because of the poet 's technique. The three Australian poems, ‘Beach Burial ' by Kenneth Slessor, Bruce Dawe 's ‘Homecoming ' and ‘Letter XV ' by Bruce Beaver differ greatly, from the regular rhyming ‘Beach Burial ' to the staccato, unstructured ‘Letter XV ' The technique part of the poem, as it can be seen with these examples, is completely detached from the content, and varies between poets, rather than themes. I prefer the rhythm and consistency of Owen 's poems and ‘Beach Burial ' to the style of ‘Homecoming ' or ‘Letter XV '. I like the rhymes, as they tend to bring the poem together, they unify it. Obviously I agree with the message in all these poems, or I wouldn 't have chosen the theme of war / anti-war poetry. All of the poems depressed me (apart from Letter XV, which confused me) so the poets must have done a good job at portraying

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