War: The Four Horsemen Of War

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tongue my utter forth, The venomous malice of my swelling heart.” (Barbara 193). This not only sums up who this unique character was, but the way the play went. Throughout it’s entirety, people did unforgivable things due to the main issue in the beginning (in a religious point of view) one of the four horsemen, War. This being set in a religious time period, it seems appropriate to bring to light the Catholic undertone of the story, as it is referenced many times. Once Aaron the Moor and his child are took off stage by the fellow Goths to both be executed, you hear trumpets and all the lights suddenly come on. Lucius and Marcus rush to stand by their seats to welcome, the ironically very unwelcomed guests. Saturninus, Tamara, and a helpful…show more content…
However, this then quickly turns into Titus talking about his shame for his daughter, and questions if one should survive through so much shame. Saturninus, being the most oblivious man in the world, says one shouldn’t live (as he believed Titus was still talking about a greek story). Yet this still causes Titus to swiftly make up his mind and he stabs his daughter to death. This shouldn’t be in any way rageful, but almost beautiful (in a sick way of course, I mean she’s dying here) as he caresses her head as she dies, as he believes this is a favor towards Lavania. This causes everyone to be in shock, and Young Lucius to hid under the table for fear of being killed. No one goes to help Lavania nor Young Lucius, as they are trying to figure out who is to attack next. Here Saturninus, still being oblivious, asks who caused her so much shame. And Titus, taking advantage of the moment he has so long desired to have, asks Tamara “Will’t please you eat? - Will’t please your Highness feed?” (Barbara 197) as she has been eating the answer to Saturninus’s question the whole time. Titus then begins to laugh hysterically and snaps into a rage, walking up behind Saturninus and Tamara saying it was Chiron and Demetrius. Saturninus responds with “Go fetch them hither to us presently.” (Barbara 197) Then Titus’s tone turns into a matter of fact way of speaking when he tells
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