War Themes

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John Marsden's novel 'Tomorrow When the War Began’ and the 2013 film directed by Brian Percival 'The Book Thief' shares a variety of similar themes that are constantly portrayed throughout these texts. The 3 main themes that are shared between the novel and film were the theme of war, friendship, and hope. War is a centered theme that causes characters to develop and mature while the theme of friendship brought them together, strengthening their bonds and finally, the theme of hope represented the optimistic ideas of the characters, through literary techniques in the novel and cinematic effects in the film, the texts successfully exhibited the protagonists overcoming their ordeals during horrific circumstances. The theme of war is a significant part of both the novel ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ and the film ‘The Book Thief’. Although these texts are different in many ways, they both focus on the similar theme of war, this is shown throughout the course of the novel and the film. In John Marsden's novel 'Tomorrow When the War Began', 7 teenagers are faced with the harsh reality of war when they return home from their camping trip. An unknown country invades Australia declaring war, but they try to avoid casualty by holding the town council hostage. The soldiers in the book referred to the war as a 'clean invasion' and they proved that it was a clean invasion by treating people well, for example, patients in the hospital were looked after even though they were Australians.
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