War Vehicles

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WW II was the bloodiest world war in history, the thing that made it that way was the vehicles, the Dodge WC Ambulance, M3 Stuart tank, and M4 Sherman tank were the main vehicles used in battle for the United States.The Dodge WC Ambulance,M3 Stuart,and M4 Sherman tank was not the only vehicles used during the war, there were a massive amount of different vehicle types as the war progressed on because of countries trying to out do the others. The main types of vehicles used were Tanks,Airplanes,Ships,Transport,and Self propelled guns which the United States had some of the best during the war. The most used vehicle in the war was the tanks and all corners of the world tied to make the best tank during the war to over power the opposite side.…show more content…
The one and only heavy tank that the United States used was the M.26 “Pershing”, it was the only heavy tank that made or used in World War II for the U.S because it was hard to make and the U.S didn’t think that it was necessary to use a heavy tank when they have the M4, but the M.26 “Pershing” packed a huge punch was a 90mm main gun and 2 .50 cal Browning machine guns,this tank only held 5 crewmates inside, the armour was a thickness of a 102mm, the speed of the heavy tank was 20mph at max, and the weight of the tank was 41.7 tons. Even with all this fighting power the war couldn’t ended without the
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