War : War And War

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War is what happens when multiple parties do not agree on a common objective or when opposing parties want to create conflict between each other. In war, I feel like the bad has always and will always outweigh the good. People die, get injured, or come back home mentally unstable; sometimes they do not even have a home to come back to. As long as I can remember, there has been war. I would hear people talking about war, going to war, and watching videos on the television about war. War is everywhere. Inner war, war between family members, war between friends, war between states, as well as war between countries. Regardless, war is everywhere; and it affects everything and everyone in its path of destruction. Although some things may be gained from war, the losses are always greater. Therefore based on different viewpoints from material covered in class and my knowledge of war, my feelings about the war have been reinforced. War causes a tremendous amount of loss and pain. Some people go to war hoping to die so they do not have to deal the killings and the loss of friends or family every day. Instead, they do not die they get injured. Although sometimes these injuries are so terrible that they do die, if they do not die it can affect them mentally and/or physically for the rest of their lives. In the Complete Maus, Vladek talked about how a lot of Jews were starved, beaten, and tortured by the Nazis in the concentration camps (Spiegelman 55-58). Sadly this was their reality.
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