War Was Written Well Over Two Thousand Years Ago By Chinese Philosopher And Military General Sun Tzu

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The Art of War was written well over two thousand years ago by Chinese philosopher and military General Sun Tzu. Yet, the thirteen chapters contained within the book still hold relevant in today’s modern times of warfare and decision-making. The contents of the book revolve around one main theme, how to be an effective leader and have a strategy that will win wars. There are several interpretations of the message that Sun Tzu was relaying, this essay will focus on Lionel Giles translation. A secondary source will be used to help show insight into the nature of human beings and how the world works. This paper will also focus on ideas found throughout the primary source that could apply to any human endeavor. An endeavor could be the steps individuals take to obtain and accomplish a goal. Sun Tzu could have just as easily been writing a book on how to succeed at being a leader in business, politics, or getting through life. To maneuver through life, individuals use what they know when it comes to making decisions that are in their best interest. Sometimes these decisions work out and then there are times they do not. Once in a while the choice is made that may clash with the end result. Political scientists, Emerson M. S. Niou and Peter C. Ordeshook state, “The study of strategic principles is of interest because it grapples with fundamental facts of human existence—first people’s fates are independent and second, this interdependence is characterized by conflicting goals”.…
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