War : What Is It Good For?

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War, How Ironic.

The popular song released in 1969 by Edwin Starr states “War, what is it good for? Absolutely, nothing” and it also tells us that war is only friend to its undertaker. We are all aware of the devastation and destruction that war causes, we need only look through the many generations of wars that have come and gone to be reminded as to just how awful. For the magistrates that implement and orchestrate warfare, it is a necessary tool. Due to the level of devastation that warfare causes it is difficult for anyone to fathom any positive aspects surfacing from war. The true advocate of peace will never find a reason to make war worthy. War does boost the economy and the countries with the highest revenue reserved for their military, are also the countries most likely to instigate warfare. War can also be seen as a means of depopulation, whether essential, morally right, or flat out wrong. The peacekeepers band together in protest in a constant, and futile effort at keeping our world war-free. Vietnam provides us a clear and classic example of peace protests, and people uniting together to spread their message. This does not however stop those determined to fight, the powers that be are not looking for this outcome. However, the leaders of battle are only interested in victory over their opponent. They do not seek cultural integration as they might have you believe, but rather look to obtain dominance, control, and wealth. Military personnel are
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