War Without Mercy By John Dower

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John Dower, a professor of Japanese Studies at the Michigan Institute of Technology and Pulitzer Prize winning author, is the author of the extensively researched and well formulated book, War Without Mercy. War Without Mercy approaches the well-known WWII era Pacific Theater in a way that allows the readers to witness the Japanese perspective of the war. Describing in great detail the wartime attitudes of the Japanese and Americans toward each other, the reasons such attitudes were felt, the atrocities and the merciless actions against the enemy which they encouraged, it even entices the readers to question their own opinions about the war with its eye-opening writing. World War II, who often stands out as the “Good War” , was a war to reestablish the peace and ethics challenged by the Axis powers. Or so goes the notion, yet the facts set forth by this book make the reader realize the true and often absurd mentality behind many of the actions taken by the Allies, namely in the Pacific Theater. War Without Mercy depicts the transforming American mentality as shaped by different events, such as the shocking Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor where Americans reacted with a mixture of terror and rage, and shows the ensuing consequences of such thinking. These strong negative feelings and perceptions from the Japanese and the Americans against one another, became the fuel which allowed the blatantly racist and exaggerated negative portrayal of the enemy in both side’s media and
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