War by Luigi Pirandello

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War by Luigi Pirandello Biography: Luigi Pirandello, born in Sicily, Italy in 1867, was one of Italy's most famous playwrights and modern authors. He became interested in literature at a very young age and wrote his first play at the age of twelve. His father, however, enrolled him in a technical school but that changed almost instantly as he transferred to an academic secondary school to study oratory and literature. He did agree to marry his father's business partners' daughter, Antoinetta Portulano. He then earned his doctorate in Romance literature, married, and moved to Rome, where he began publishing his short stories and poems. In 1903, Pirandello suffered a terribly financial devastation as his family's sulfur mine was destroyed.…show more content…
Behind her—puffing and moaning, followed her husband—a tiny man; thin and weakly, his face death-white, his eyes small and bright and looking shy and uneasy. Having at last taken a seat he politely thanked the passengers who had helped his wife and who had made room for her; then he turned round to the woman trying to pull down the collar of her coat and politely inquired: "Are you all right, dear?" The wife, instead of answering, pulled up her collar again to her eyes, so as to hide her face. "Nasty world," muttered the husband with a sad smile. And he felt it his duty to explain to his traveling companions that the poor woman was to be pitied for the war was taking away from her her only son, a boy of twenty to whom both had devoted their entire life, even breaking up their home at Sulmona to follow him to Rome, where he had to go as a student, then allowing him to volunteer for war with an assurance, however, that at least six months he would not be sent to the front and now, all of a sudden, receiving a wire saying that he was due to leave in three days' time and asking them to go and see him off. The woman under the big coat was twisting and wriggling, at times growling like a wild animal, feeling certain that all those explanations would not have aroused even a shadow of sympathy from those people who—most likely—were in the same plight as herself. One of them, who had been listening with

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