War in Iraq Essay

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War in Iraq

Picture this, you, in a 3rd world country, no friends no family for thousands of miles, hungry, not feeling so well, tired, exhausted and being forced to fight thousands of people who want you out of there country? Fun? I wouldn’t think so… This is a reality for thousands of American Soldiers stationed in Iraq and maybe your reality if the draft is reinstated. Now, picture this. You’re watching the news, they are calling out birthdays, oh they choose yours, but uh oh this is for a draft. You are now being shipped over to Iraq to fight with out choice. Easy as that. But what are you fighting for? Freedom, safety, your country? Maybe… But the war is costing your home country 140 billion dollars so
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Too much money on something so pointless.
Pointless? Yes pointless. Do you remember why we originally went to war with Iraq? Bush told us they had weapons of mass destruction. Do they? No. Why are we still there? I don’t know… do you? After searching Iraq for weapons and coming up empty handed George Bush decided he did not like Sadam Hussein and the world would be much safer with out him so he attacks. He did not even have the support of the European Union. Opposing countries included France, Germany, Russia, Greece, Belgium and Belarus. He is now trying to make Iraq a democracy, like the American government, which is not a bad idea at all. There is just way too much opposition from Iraq, they obviously do not want it, let them have there dictatorship, it is not our problem. This is a useless war now. We do have to give credit to the many countries that helped us by sending in there own troops to Iraq. Mainly England, Italy and Poland who sent a combined total of almost 15,000 troops to the 130,000 America sent. Unfortunately there are casualties.
Casualties include over 1000 American deaths and 7722 wounded American’s in Iraq. What about the Iraqi people? Are they cooperating? Nope, so far around 15,000 have been killed 30% of the deaths were civilians. This is not right for Bush to do. He should not be in Iraq killing that many people

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