War is Part of the Evolution of Mankind

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War has been a major part of the evolution of mankind, every human generation has faced some kind of war but the harsh reality is that although war has its negative qualities, it is also has its advantages: it can resolve political conflicts and lead to peace. But the question I wish to pose is this; is war ever acceptable? Ask yourself this: would you allow another country to take over your own country? World wars are examples of this; Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and therefore America declared war on Japan and other countries that posed as a threat. Or what about World War II where approximately seven million innocent people were killed- all because of the actions and ideals of one man, Adolf Hitler. With countries in crisis war became inevitable and as a result a total of 48,231,700 people were killed . Imagine the scenario today if Germany and Japan had won these wars. Without a doubt, if Hitler had not have been defeated this total would have been much higher and Nazi Germany ideals would span all of Eastern Europe! Many nations would have been colonised by these countries and the culture these countries have would have been forgotten. Just think, millions of innocent Jewish and disabled people would be executed all because they did not fit in with his ideal of the ‘perfect and superior race.’ Ironically though, war creates chaos it also creates peace; without war peace cannot thrive. Unquestionably war is the best answer to a problem as it could potentially bring
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