War of 1812 Causes

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Ever since the American Revolution, there was a bitter friction between the United States and Great Britain. This detestation of each other was finally acted out when President Madison declared war on Great Britain on June 14, 1812, thus beginning the War of 1812. The Unites States was tired of getting harassed on the seas, had a strong will to expand, and felt too much pride to let Great Britain get away with everything they had done. Three causes of the War of 1812 were maritime problems, Manifest Destiny, and national pride. One of the three main causes of the War of 1812 was maritime problems between the United States and Great Britain. The seeds of these maritime problems were planted nine years before the War of 1812 even…show more content…
When Madison became President, he passed the Macon Bill. The bill stated that if either France or Great Britain stopped violating American commercial rights, we would suspend commerce with the other nation. France agreed, but Napoleon crossed Madison. Napoleon continued to seize American ships, but by the time word reached America, it was four months later and much damage was already done to American ships. Also, in the West in the British were encouraging the Indians to engage in warfare with the Americans. They provided them with arms and ammunition. As Americans we were tired of being hassled by other nations and was shown by Congressman John C. Calhoun when he said, "Protection and patriotism are reciprocal. The British persist in such daring insult and injury to the United States, it will be bound in honor and interest to resist." (Doc. 2) Declaring war was a way of showing other nations that America was not going to be insulted any more and accept it. Following the War of 1812, which could easily be called a stalemate, harassment of American ships by decreased. No land was lost or gained by America as a direct result of the war. However, America gained more land out west and continued using the theory of Manifest Destiny. Also, America got some more recognition and respect from

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