War on Poverty

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War on Poverty I believe poverty is a big social issue in America. Poverty can be the main cause of robberies, drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, and homelessness. These are some examples that concern me the most. Many people in this country don’t realize how serious this issue is, although we see it happening all the time. This issue is so overwhelming that it’s not brought up by many people nowadays. Poverty in this country has been since America was established. There has always been poverty in this country because of lack of skills and knowledge. People don’t get enough knowledge, and the ones that do have a more successful lifestyle. For an example, people in poverty will most likely stay in poverty for most of their lives or work…show more content…
Also can lead to rape and cause people to have AIDS, diseases, health problems and child abuse. Alcohol can also cause people to commit murder, and car crashes.
For students it can cause low school grades and less work productivity. Parents using alcohol could lead them to lose their jobs and abuse their children. The problems associated with alcohol abuse rapidly ripple far beyond the consumer, costing society a large amount of millions of dollars and leaving innumerable scars. If people would be free of alcohol, society energies and resources could more appropriately focus on other issues. Prostitutes are most likely to sell their bodies due to poverty. People, most likely women would end up being a prostitute because they might not be educated enough. They might be pressured at home to put money on the table, so they have to go out and make that money. I also feel that it should be the parent’s fault because they couldn’t have raised their children better and not give them that chance to be out by themselves to have this lifestyle. Prostitutes might feel like that’s the only way for them to make money and provide for their families. Being in that lifestyle can cause them to be rape victims, be in dangerous crimes, and it can also lead to jail time if caught. Or prostitutes might like selling their bodies, because they might be addicted to sex. Prostitutes are looked down on because they don’t have any moral standard for
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