Warby Parker

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Warby Parker’s Outstanding Marketing Mix

Jennifer Green

Professor Ronald Williams
Graduate Marketing
25 July 2013

Warby Parker just sold its 500,000 pair of eyeglasses. This may not seem like much to industry giants like Luxxotica, who owns Ray Ban and Oakley, but it’s a milestone Warby Parker is happy to celebrate.
To understand why Warby Parker is excelling, we must first examine their marketing mix. Like a good recipe, if the marketing mix includes just the right mixture of all the right ingredients, the recipe is a success. The company’s way of doing business and their history fuels this success. Warby Parker began only 5 years ago by 4 college students who sought to find a way in which to purchase eyeglasses in
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(Warby Parker) Warby Parker seeks to make the world a better place. Their method is quite unique.
You may wonder where the name “Warby Parker” originated. Inspired by Jack Kerouac, the founders took the name of two of Mr. Kerouac’s earliest characters discovered in his recently discovered personal journals. One character was named Zagg Parker and one Warby Pepper, hence Warby Parker. “Kerouac inspired a generation to take a road less traveled and to see the world through a different lens.” (Warby Parker)
In a thesis written by Dirk Brauner of Maastricht University, he states the buy one, get one principle (BOGO) concept has gained in popularity. And that its effectiveness supports the cause-related marketing strategy by influencing behavioral intention and consumer trust in the reliability of the advertisement message. (Brauner) Consumers long to trust the business in which they support. Supplying eyeglasses to those in need seems to instill a sense of confidence that the company has moral values and that’s something consumers can support. According to the text, Principles of Marketing, marketing mix is made up of four things: product, price, place and promotion. Further, there are four Cs that go along with these four Ps: consumer solution, customer cost, convenience and communication. (Kotler) Building lasting lifetime relationships is what every company desires. To create that, customer satisfaction must be at the top of the
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