Warfare In The Middle Ages

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In the Middle Ages, which sprouted from the sacking of Rome by Germanic tribes, society became more isolated and survivalism based, with merely living taking precedent over education and social activity. This was truly a dark age, with Christianity providing the only hope during this feudalistic and tumultuous time period. Throughout this time period, the clergy gained more and more power, eventually sparking the Crusades. While they failed, they did open trade routes, bringing a better economy to the Europeans. Also, governments eventually evolved, bringing in the Parliament, a legislative group of knights, bishops, and lords. Finally, near the end of the Middle Ages, the black death took about one-third of the population of Europe, bringing in economic and social reforms. Then, the Hundred Years War took place, marking the end of the Age of Faith.
The Middle Ages sprouted from several Germanic tribes plundering and sacking Rome due to the Huns taking over their homelands, and other feuds between Roman leaders and the Germanic representatives. After Rome’s fall, certain tribes such as the Franks and
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Warfare evolved during this period, as the longbow was introduced by the English, and they asserted dominance at several battles, such as Agincourt and Poitiers. In 1429, as the French were about to surrender and give Henry V the throne, Joan of Arc persuaded French militants to drive the English out, and became a military leader herself, winning stunning victories across France. She also helped Charles VII claim the throne, in 1429. In 1430-1431, the Burgundians captured and killed her, burning her at the stake for witchcraft. This marked the near end of the war, which concluded both itself and the Middle Ages in 1453. Nationalism increased in both England and France, and monarchies gained prestige due to the
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