Warfare of Elizabethan Times

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Warfare of Elizabethan Times
In the Medieval times a sword was a knight’s most important weapons. The fact was found on this website: In Medieval times, the armor would vary with leather, chain mail, and plate armor, all coming as technology advanced and blacksmith’s skill increased. Over the Medieval period, weapons were advancing and the elegant rapier began to be obsolete as the musket became popular. A battle was brewing during these times with Queen Elizabeth just trying to survive the war and King Phillip trying to take over England. The advancement of armor, that was made different throughout the Middle Ages, and having a variety of weapons gave England an advantage against the Spanish in Battle.
Armor started out being leather and advanced to chain mail throughout the middle ages.In the Middle Ages, Knights’ armor was different. In the beginning of the Middle Ages, they wore leather armor (Freudenrich). Leather cost a lot, but was easily crafted using heated water or oil (Freudenrich). Leather is good at stopping swords but is susceptible to thrusts and arrows (Freudenrich). In the Middle Ages, chain mail was popular, but was borrowed from the Romans (Freudenrich). Chain mail was mostly small, interlocked steel rings. The ends of the rings could be close together (butted mail) or could have a metal rivet (riveted mail) (Freudenrich). Chain mail was pretty easy to make, it cost less than other forms of armor and
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