Warm Hat

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This super comfortable and warm hat is a quick and easy knitting project that an individual can do without having to crochet or do traditional knitting. As a beginner, using looms is the easiest way to work with yarn projects. There are a bunch of types of looms that can be used to make hats, scarves, ear warms, bag, etc. A bunch of projects can be done on a loom without having any experience in knitting or crochet. This hat can be done on a round loom, the size will depend if it is done for an adult or a child. For this project, the hat will be for an adult size.

Time needed: 2-3 hours

Materials needed:

yarn needle loom hook scissors knitting loom with at least 20 pegs
1 skeins of chunky yarn

Step 1: Choosing the yarn

The only problem
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Start from the peg that is to the left of the anchor peg. Push the hook under the two bottom strands of the yarn and pull it up over the top strands of the yarn. The groove in the beg is very helpful for this process. Now loop the bottom yarn over all around the loom. To continue knitting, wrap around all the pegs again from the begging on the beg right above the anchor peg and then bring the bottom yarn loop over the top of the peg again. Once there is about an inch or two of stitches done, take the yarn of the anchor peg so that it is not pulling as the project is continued. About fifteen rows need to be knitted to continue to the next step.

Step 5: Knitting the brim

After knitting a few rows, fold them over so there is a doubled over bit of knitting. This makes the hat look more finished and also helps keep the hat in place on the head. To knit the brim, bring up the tail from the initial part of the hat and loop it around to the right of the anchor peg. Put the loops all the way around the loom then finish the brim by using the hook to loop the pull the bottom yarn loops over the top loops. Now the brim is secure, wrap the pegs and start knitting as normal again.

Step 6 : Finish the
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