Warm House Lodge Business Analysis

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1. Executive summary
1.1 Vision, Mission and goals
As a boutique hotel located in Haitang Bay obtaining a permanent place in the local and national market place is our primary goal. Our passion involve with nature and preserve of our environment, hence, giving birth to sustainable tourism and healthy life styles. Warm House Lodge is committed to offer an unforgettable and superb experience by providing excellent customer service in a tropical which contribute to a dream holiday along the seaside.
1.2 Products and services
Our services focus on providing high quality accommodation and associated amenities and one idiomatical restaurant at competitive prices to our targeted customers.
1.3 Business, organization and finance structures
Warm House Lodge will be incorporated as a private limited company by shares. Warm House will have one Execute Director who will make decisions about hotel’s policy and future plans and one General Manager that will be in charge of daily operation and control. Besides, there will be five department managers in charge of Front Desk, Food and Beverage, Human Resource, Accounting and Marketing. Additional employees will be hired for each department.
1.4 SWOT analysis
1) Strength Attractions: -beautiful sea, private beaches and coves -lovely landscape Market positioning: -focus on quality in product, services and overall tourist experience of the Haitang Bay Location:
-neither far from the airport nor downtown Weather:

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