Warner Cable And The Cable Industry Essay

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Time Warner Cable was originally founded in 1973 about 43 years ago. It was originally known as Warner Cable until in 1990 they change to Time Warner Cable. Time Warner Cable has the name originated in 1992 by a merger of Time Inc cable television Company American television and Communications Corporation for two years the two companies operated separately until in 1992 when they finally merged into the name Time Warner Cable. In March of 2009, Time Warner the parent company of Time Warner Cable spun off this entity into its own independent company. Before the separation, Time Warner was a majority stakeholder in Time Warner Cable. After the separation, Time Warner Cable became the largest telecommunications provider in the United States owned by single shareholders Time Warner Cable has always tried to be at the forefront of technology. In 2009, Time Warner Cable displayed a concept of “TV everywhere” to compete with services like Netflix and Hulu, they began rolling out on-demand streaming services that were “authenticated” with your cable TV subscription (Hoffman, 2015). If you’re paying for the channel in your cable TV package, you get access to their on-demand service (Hoffman, 2015).”
With advancements like these, Time Warner Cable has really created Time Warner Cable has always tried to use technology to help provide its customers with benefits that other telecommunications providers cannot. Time Warner Cable has always tried to acquire other companies to help in
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