Warning : Industry Spin And The Center For Food Safety

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In a Huffington Post article published on February 11, 2014 titled “Warning: Industry Spin May Be Hazardous to Your Health; Learn the Truth About GE Foods,” Elizabeth Kucinich, the policy director for the Center for Food Safety, strongly discusses the dangers of consuming genetically modified foods, which causes unpredictable allergic reactions, encourages rapid evolution for resistance in pests, and creates herbicide resistance leading to an overuse of chemicals. Empowering consumers about what’s in their food is an important issue because everyone has the right to know what’s going into their body, especially when it’s altered food. Letters from advocates of food labeling have poured into President Obama’s office, asking him to “fulfill…show more content…
Further, the technology that big corporations use to create genetically modified foods are not available to small farmers, who suffer with huge economic losses. Lastly, herbicide resistance can possibly lead to the overuse of chemicals, polluting our fresh air and water. As discussed in class, issues brought upon by GMOs are discussed by Kucinich in great detail. The theme of agriculture and even more specifically genetically modified organisms helped to critically examine the dangers and hazards of such GMOs. Knowing the potential issues with GMOs from class helped understand and effectively critique this article more. The examples and real world statistics in this article magnified the importance of GMO labeling and the dangers imposed upon consumers who eat such foods.
One group, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, brought together a panel of huge mega corporations that participate in GE food production and created the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food. This coalition supports genetic engineering and GMO crops and products that contain them. The coalition states various goals, such as “Prevent states from passing legislation mandating information about genetically engineered GMO food products.” The Coalition for Safe Affordable Foods has stated many claims advocating the use of genetically

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